Papad Tales


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Meet Papadmalji – the mascot.

He’s the boss when it comes to Papad know-how! Papadmal was a young boy learning the traditional ways of preserving foods and while he loved his mothers Badi he loved her papads more. As he grew older his zest for trying new variants of papad became his reason for being. He started experimenting with flavours and would run excitedly to his mother with new ideas and she always encouraged him to try them even if she wasn’t quite sure how they would turn out. Slowly his papad became the go-to snack among his friends and extended family. He saw the potential and decided to set up a business. We developed multiple options to illustrate this vivacious and dynamic character. After many tweaks and iterations, this was the version of Papadmalji we finally decided to go ahead with.

Keeping in mind the fact that Vishal Namkeen Bhandar is a close-knit family run business, a whole set of characters were created to support the mascot – Papadmalji. It’s time to meet the rest of the family. The most important influence in Papadmalji’s life is his mother, BadiBai. Papadmalji developed his love for papad at the hands of his mother BadiBai. She used to make Papad and Badi for the whole family in summer to eat through the year and especially the cold harsh winters in the desert of Bikaner. Because of her pivotal role in the family as she grew older she was fondly called BadiBai for two reasons – “Badi” for Elder and Badi for her famous sun-dried lentils. She is the family matriarch and the baton of the family business has now passed on to Papadmalji.




A close-knit family business that grew by leaps and bounds with the support of friends and well-wishers, today Vishal Namkeen Bhandar is helmed by Jai Agarwal, who is managing and developing the business. All of Papadmalji’s papads are vegetarian and made with a lot of love. The brief was to create a young and vibrant vibe to the brand. While designing the packaging for these products, the most important aspect was to highlight their story. The deliverables ranged from a mascot to business cards and packaging for new products to website design.

Through his journeys, Papadmalji learnt of women who needed employment for sustenance and so he took up the task of uplifting the lives of such women in the best way he could – through Papad-making. For Papadmalji, cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance and he passionately promotes these values.

This retail box has been designed as a gift box for those who love papad. The box also doubles up as a marketing tool. The whole idea here was to showcase Papadmalji as the spokesperson for the brand – the mascot. The box panels tell stories of papad in different situations.

Sample box design


The Sample box has been created for the Zhakaas variant under Vishal Papad. The purpose of this box is for marketing & sales personnel to fry papad and serve it in these boxes to potential customers and vendors. It has been designed with removable partitions inside so that more than one flavour can be sampled at a given time.

Sample box


The Moongodi packaging has been designed on composite canisters. The label is designed to showcase the ultra-modern, hygienic facility where the moongodi is made.

The quality sticker of Papadmalji is a validation stamp as hygiene is top priority at Vishal Namkeen Bhandar.