About Us

For the love of design & for the love of packaging.

As children, the smell of roasted papad wafting through the house, indicated that lunch was ready. We would promptly abandon our books and toys for that piping hot papad off the flame. Waiting for my grandmother to carefully place that hot papad in my thali was akin to torture. Irrespective of what our meals contained, it was papad that had my attention. Our household had specific pairings and days for particular types of papad – spicy moong papad with khichdi on a rainy day, sabudana papad with coriander chutney during holi and papad moongodi ki sabzi on grocery shopping day.

What started as a papad tale has grown and become more of an epic. As one of the most overlooked items in our dining eco-system, papad is still an essential component of every Indian meal and has been for generations. The objective of this project was to bring papad the glory it deserves. We wanted the immersive experience of papad to come across in the packaging. Every household in India has at least one meal accompanied with papad. 

The first step was product planning. As Vishal Papad our client already had an extensive range of products, however the new company – Papadmalji needed a well curated list of products that would be sold through modern retail. We divided the products into three categories – Bikaneri, Jodhpuri and Modern. Our packaging needed to be bold and vibrant to be able to stand out gloriously on the shelves. The three ranges are differentiated through patterns, colours and processes. The youthful and vibrant vibe created during the initial stages of the branding remains with the addition of patterns and characteristics for each type of papad.

Love makes the world go round and the love with which Papadmalji’s papad is made; definitely makes our world go round.

Or as the children say:

मम्मी की बिंदिया गोल – गोल,
पापा का पैसा गोल – गोल,
दादा का चस्मा गोल – गोल,
दादी के पापड़ गोल – गोल,
ऊपर पंखा गोल – गोल
नीचे धरती गोल – गोल
चंदा गोल सूरज गोल
हम भी गोल तुम भी गोल
सारी दुनिया गोल – मटोल ।






To continue to grow and develop Vishal Namkeen Bhandar by maintaining the quality we provide, keeping up with technology by installing the latest machines, empowering women, developing new products with a plethora of flavours keeping in mind the regional preferences.


  • Quality Driven: We offer the best quality products to our consumers, which are prepared hygienically using RO water.
  • Customer Centric: Understanding sensitivities of customers.
  • Empowerment: The courage to shape a better future and provide employment to women.
  • Responsive: To the changing market dynamics and constantly developing new products.