Papad manufacturing process

The process of papad-making in its most nascent form was invented by the women of Bikaner, a city that is ideal for papad manufacturing owing to its environment and weather conditions.

This process for Vishal Namkeen Bhandaar has come a long way, and today with mechanical intervention and technological support, it is less laborious and more specialised.

Step 1

The finest quality of raw material is selected and processed in-house under strict quality control. After cleaning, the raw material proceeds to the grinding stage in a cold process ultra modern grinding plant, which makes sure that original taste of pulses is maintained.

Step 2

Next, the best of spices like black pepper, cumin seeds, mace, nutmeg, sahi jeera, etc. are selected. After cleaning and washing, the process of dough mixing is initiated. Here, the flour is mixed with filtered sajji water, iodised salt and spices in an industrial mixer.

Step 3

The dough is shaped into small pieces by machines and transferred to stainless steel containers and dispatched for rolling. Then, ladies roll the dough with the help of flour into papads, which after sun drying are sent for quality check and assorting.

Step 4

The last step involves packing of papad by highly skilled staff with modern packing technology. Each and every tasty papad is then ready to be enjoyed, roasted, fried or microwaved!


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